Sunday, November 18, 2007

13 going on 30 continues...

so i have some extra time on my hands, and since i have been contemplating the aspects of my life that i have been grateful for in the last 29 years, here are some more:

5. love. i have been blessed with this virtue on so many levels. my parents and family members love me unconditionally; a gift so many lack in this world. friends that have come, gone, or stayed also have provided care and warmth in my life.

though i have not had "outwardly visual" talents bestowed upon me, i do believe i have been given the talent of love. it may sound odd to call the virtue of "love" a talent, but i believe, in my case, it is. i try to give love to all those in my sphere. despite the fact that i am definitely not perfect at it, i am willing and able to love. though at times it is not returned, i'm convinced that is the only way to live; the only way to feel alive.

6. forgiveness. many have chosen to forgive my shortcomings and flaws; my moments of weakness and my lack of self control.

though it is not something that comes easily to me, i have been given the opportunity to forgive those who have caused pain or sorrow in my life. i know that growth occurs each time.

ultimately i am most indebted to the forgiveness that is bestowed by my savior jesus christ. it is humbling, wonderful, and beyond my comprehension.

apparently i thought i had more to say tonight than i do. on that note, i'm off for now, with, as always, more thoughts to come...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

13 going on 30

the illusive 30. a pivotal year, right? it has been looming over my head for all of 29, anxiously waiting to swoop down and capture its new prey.

so instead of focusing on all the negatives that are supposed to accompany this dreaded age, i am starting my "top 30 list of all the awesomeness that has led up to my turning 30." this will be an ongoing post that i add to, since i don't think i can do all 30 in one sitting. here goes:

1-the endless number of "perfect days" i have lived through. and by perfect i mean clear blue skies that contrast the green or red leaves as i feel the warmth of the sun hit my skin. i have experiences these days all over the world.

2-travels. i grew up in south america, lived with my family in europe, and vacationed throughout the united states. there is so much left to see and i look forward to a life of traveling.

3-goodly parents. i would be lost without them. they have allowed me to grow into the woman that i am (i don't know if i even feel comfortable using the woman to describe myself!) i have an incredibly independent mother and a nurturing father, both who unconditionally love me and all those around them. they have taught by example. they are good. they are loving. they are my friends. hopefully i will grow up to be like them.

4-friendships. i have blogged about this before and i don't think i could write about it enough. i remember my best friend sara in second grade and that i cried my little 7 year old eyes out when we moved to ecuador. and the tears came again when i left my 3 best friends in ecuador to move back to the states at 11 years old. once again, the waterworks came(as you can see i might be a bit of a crier when it comes to changes in my life...) when i left my dear friend sara (who helped me survive my middle school years) as i embarked to florida.

and then came my years at byu where i met friends that i will have forever. now dc and california have introduced me to some of the finest men and women who i look forward to associating with for the rest of my life. these are my treasures. these are the ones who i rely on, who teach me, who love me, who make me the person i am.

stayed tuned for the next 26...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


our passions are woven into our being and in many ways define us.

i have always considered myself a passionate person. that may sound a bit narcissistic, but i believe most of us are passionate about something.

i realized that i don't think most of the people that know me here in california know what i am passionate about. i wonder if they would even use that as an adjective to describe me? this thought has been quite disconcerting.

so to start, these are some of the things that i consider my passions:
-art. i fell in love with art history my freshman year of at college. those 4 years gave me the greatest gift: the ability to see beauty in everything.

-music. i don't play an instrument (ok, maybe i can pluck out a song or two on the guitar...) and i love singing, but wasn't blessed with a lovely voice. regardless, music is such a powerful force in my life. it speaks to me in a unique way whether it's the melancholy violin, rock guitar, or melodious piano.

-books. "when I read a book I seem to read it with my eyes only, but now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase, which has a meaning for me, and it becomes part of me." -w. somerset maugham. nothing could sum up my adoration for books better than this quote. it's unbelievable at times that words on a page and become woven into who i am. another quote i love: "we read to know we are not alone" (cs lewis) i read to become more. i read to connect and know that others have felt as i have and have put those feelings into words.

-languages. i am fortunate enough to be bilingual and am eternally grateful for that gift. speaking spanish has become more of a passion for me as i have grown older. i realize what a treasure it is, how it shapes me. not only do i love my first language, but i have this grandiose goal of learning all the romance languages. there is something lovely and mellifluous when hearing anything spoken in italian, french, or portugese.

-education. this is a passion that increases each day. i have taught for 4 years now and it's fascinating to observe this growth. there are days when i am ready to completely give up, but overall, i yearn to make changes, to improve, to touch the lives of those i teach. i hope to keep this passion alive always. as for myself, i am often overwhelmed at how much information and knowledge is left to acquire, but i look forward to a life of learning.

and now i realize, i have gone on long enough. bless the heart of anyone who actually reads through all of this.

some final thoughts.

passions are not only intrinsic but sparked by others. i am often drawn to those who are passionate; it doesn't matter where their passions lie. there is shear joy that can come from associating with people who have personal passions and appreciate yours.