Sunday, August 26, 2007

books, books, and more books...

i've decided that i have a problem, a sickness if you will. i like books too much. i really do think that trying to read 3, maybe 4, different books at a time might be more than a person can handle. i also can't seem to stop buying them.

there are few things that i love more than walking into a bookstore. i love the smell of the paper, the cleverly illustrated covers, and the feeling that anything and everything in the world is at my fingertips. a flip of a page can transport to a far distant land, or into the mind of a troubled soul. i connect. i feel. i live the lives that i don't get to, and experience the lives that i'm fortunate not to have to live.

i don't know why i can't seem to get enough. i crave having books. the entire experience of reading is just that; an experience. there is something about practically utilizing all your senses that creates this moment of being completely enraptured. you hear the crack of the spine, smell the pages, feel the crispness between your fingers, and see the type as it flows smoothly, allowing you to enter in to an uncharted world.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

am i a real blogger?

as i came to the realization that i haven't written "blogged" for almost a month, i ask myself, am i a real blogger? i like to believe that i am, but that the first month of school is a time when my job takes over (or i allow it to take over) my life. today i have a few extra minutes so i thought i'd do some writing.

i feel as if my mind is constantly in motion with not just the day to day thoughts, but with thoughts of the world, society, family, friends, and introspection in general. i have thought about kindness. about being a kind person in word and action. i love the quote from plato that says, "be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." I have been trying to have this in mind as i interact with others, especially those that frustrate me.

i have thought about being a better teacher. this is a constant thought because in my mind's eye i see how i want to be, but feel that i fall pretty far behind.

i've thought about how blessed i feel lately. about how i have been blessed abundantly and should remember that more often.

i've thought about mistakes; about making them; about how they affect us and others; about how i can make my weaknesses stronger.

i could really go on and on, but won't. now i may be a step closer to becoming a "real blogger."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

mightier than the sword

i was thinking about the power of words tonight. thinking and writing about it, instead of sleeping (which i'll surely regret tomorrow) with just one remark or utterance one can provide solace and comfort, ire and aggravation, joy and affection, or a myriad of additional responses.

they may be thought out, or spontaneous. whatever or however they are used and voiced, they leave their mark.

often i lack control of my tongue. though the desire to always say the right thing is embedded in my heart and soul, i seldom follow through, finding myself staring out into the darkness wondering why i said the things that i did, and why they came out all wrong...