Saturday, July 26, 2008

loneliness is... interesting concept/emotion. she creeps in slowly, however, once inside the deluge commences and it appears a fruitless battle to fight. i feel her trapping me and pulling, tugging me under so that i can't breathe.

for some reason, loneliness has found its way into my life quite frequently in the past few weeks. i am particularly caught off guard when i find myself surrounded by "loved ones" and realize loneliness is sitting next to me, glued, not leaving my side. how can it be so? she negates her own existence by her audacious entrance. i look around in wonder, "can't they all see her?" i attempt to shoo her away, but she is stubborn and refuses. as she draws closer and closer i want to shout. i want her to go. i want her to go and release me from her powerful grip.