Monday, November 3, 2008

the reality that is california

the reality is that california seems to make everything just a little more difficult, from getting your driver's license to a teaching credential to having a constitution that can be amended by 8 billion propositions.

proposition 8 is has made nation wide headlines and is the talk of the literal town.

i believe in marriage. it's my belief that all humans yearn for companionship-we are not made to be alone. i am a proponent of people finding this happiness.

with this said, i will also be voting yes on prop 8.

i believe in this country and it's freedom. i believe that i have mine and others have theirs.

i could go on and on trying to give reasons as to why i will be voting yes, but all the "arguments" have been made. and what it comes down to is that i do believe in the definition of marriage staying the same alongside with "rights" for everyone.

the unfortunate reality is that one side will lose. and it is my hope that all can remember to be kind to one another and to allow all to speak their mind for we live in a country where we are blessed enough to do so.