Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i would say this is long awaited, but since only a handful of eyes peruse this blog, not too many have been waiting with baited breath for my next "awesome thought." and lest you think i haven't had any amazing thoughts since my last post months ago, i will probably publish a number of the things i have had on my mind.

evidently i write mainly when life has left me no other option but to escape through words. which is all fine and dandy, but i've decided to spice it up a little and try some light--hearted posts for a change. it won't be a permanent change because, let's be honest, if i only had "light" thoughts i wouldn't be documenting them for all to read.

so the topic of the day is…wait for it….wait for it…my very own addictive personality! now you may be thinking to yourself, is this something you really want to share marisa? isn't this the type of topic you share in more private, say, professional forum? you can put those fears to rest since I am not about to divulge all my deepest darkest secrets over the world wide web.

my current addictions consist of:

-crossword puzzles (I used to average about 3-4 a day of the online variety)
-merriam webster word games (yes, that is the same Merriam Webster of dictionary fame) these include definition, spelling, and synonym games)
-online boggle (nothing like a friendly, fast-paced competition with strangers)

my latest addiction is (which was temporarily on hold due to a law suit) online scrabble (maybe the real problem is that I spend too much time online?) at least with this one I am interacting (if you can call it interacting when you are playing with another person via the internet…???)

I think I enjoy the instant gratification that comes with winning something. The joyous electronic celebratory music or the blinking "you've won!" bring a smile to my face and a sense of satisfaction to my heart-yes, I have won, at an online word game…now if i can only find some other instant gratification that doesn't involve the internet, i will be all set.