Thursday, December 3, 2009

so, maybe i'm a little behind?

oops...a little glimpse into how well i keep some of my short term goals (you can ask me about not eating sweets and working out every day as well;-)

i really am working on a lovely christmas post, with old school pictures of me included, but it's not quite ready yet.

but i do have some thoughts today.

1-grateful for numerous aspects of my life during this thanksgiving season. many reminders of how i have truly been given much.

2-walking in downtown palo alto with a friend tonight, i learned a valuable lesson. as we passed a homeless woman (holding her sign as to why she needed money), said friend stops to chat with her. not only chat, but she knows the woman. she knows her story of why she is on the street, asks her about how her father is doing, where she will be sleeping that night, etc...

i stood there in awe. and ashamed. why was i astonished? and more importantly, why am i normally so indifferent to those who suffer? where has my heart gone? why do i casually walk by, giving money when i have it, but not pausing to talk, to interact, to relate to another human being? another child of god. it was humbling. we all chatted for a bit and then my friend asked if we could bring her some dinner. we did. it may be the best thing i have done with my money or my time in many many months, possible even years.

i am in no way patting myself on the back or congratulating myself for a deed well done. it may appear so as i write for "all to see" but the true intent is to chastise myself for my poor job at being in the service of my fellow men. for my apathy in keeping my baptismal covenants. for not doing what christ has asked of me. of all of us. for not doing what i should when i have been living in grand abundance.

an honest and sharp reminder. i have been taught a lesson, now it is time to act.

in this season when i am grateful for so much, for all the things we normally list, today i am most grateful for those good people who make a difference, in large and small ways. i pray we can all do a little more. be a little more. become givers.

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