Thursday, November 19, 2009


the main reason i started this blog was really just for me. to practice my writing, because deep in my heart, i believe i am a writer. to release the thoughts that float around my brain. sometimes they are lovely, light and full of joy. other times they are heavy and burdensome. writing has always felt a bit like therapy. healing. cleansing.

however, what occurred is that i don't write as much as i should. i don't edit. i don't take the time to be more precise (all which were elements of my original writing goal). and i have come to an awareness that i put it off. i feel like i must have something grand and life changing to write about or it will not be worthwhile. all that ends up happening is that i have no writings at all. my pages are empty. my goal faded.

those were my thoughts yesterday. and today too, i guess...

i'm tired of putting things off. i want to take the gift of awareness and harness it. instead of saying, "oh, that's just the way i am...” i can change it. it starts today, with this post.

new goal: to post something, anything, everyday until the end of 2009.

42 days left and counting...

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Amanda said...

Giggling to myself. Every day? Did I miss it? I have been waiting to read more awesome thoughts!