Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it seems like my writing hiatus has been noticed by my loyal readers (and by loyal readers i mean reader. my best friend) i figured i could jot down a few of my thoughts today. i feel content. summer makes me happy. simple, yes, but true. liberty comes with july and august and i revel in it. from sleeping in to staying up late just because i can. from picking up new hobbies to reading for hours on end. from midday movies to fun adventures. revelry all around.

today, sitting on the beach, watching the heavily clouded horizon and listening to the lulling, calming sounds of the surf, i breathed deeply. peace. it hasn't been a permanent resident in my soul this summer, but it was here. life isn't perfect, but it is life. i live. i breathe. i experience. i find purpose. i explore. i try. i fail. i fall. i get up. i live. and what a glorious thing it is.

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