Wednesday, April 15, 2009


the faint light trickles in through my dainty, somewhat useless curtains. i live in this beautiful cottage-like home in palo alto, with an enchanting garden reminiscent of something out of anne of green gables. out my window i have a lovely view of large trees and a moss covered garden.

i stir from my (rare) deep sleep and pry open my heavy eyes. 8 am. saturday morning. is that the sun i see? having lived in california now for almost 3 years, i've easily become accustomed to 96% sunshiny days.

however, the past three weeks the sky exploded consistently with showers. i graciously keep my "i really don't care for rain" comments to myself, knowing what desperate need we have for it, but secretly, i dreamed of warmth on my skin and the radiant glow of my friend the sun. and today, he returned. he gently awakened me, "marisa. look. open your eyes. i'm back." what a reunion we had, the sun and i. i turned over in my sheets and smiled. he was back. it seemed in such a short time i had forgotten what he looked like and his effect on everything around me. i leaned over and saw the familiar bright blue hue in the sky and sighed happily. the world was as it should be.

ps-this post was actually written about a month ago when we the rain showers were a plenty!

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